New Trucking Regulations-ELD Mandate

With the new ELD mandate going into effect in less than a year, trucking companies will be dealing with a very different regulatory landscape. All interstate motor carriers will be required to have their trucks equipped with electronic logging devices by December, and truck drivers will have to switch over to electronic logbooks for their HOS logs.

While the mandate has the potential to force some small carriers out of business — possibly leading to higher freight rates, if capacity tightens — there are several other proposed rules and regulations could also have major impacts on the trucking industry in 2017.

Saying the ELD mandate has the potential to force some small carriers out of business is a massive understatement. The comments on this very same article above I will post below. They are filled with trucking company owners that have been in business 7 years. Also, independent owners of 38 years going out of business. It’s hard to see the benefit here. Is this for public safety or not? Either way, the only way is to survive gov’t regulation. The truckers are going to strike. 90% of goods are transported by truck. There may be an interruption in services of everything including the supermarket. You have to ask yourself “Where is the incentive?”. This only helps large corporations in the name of public safety. If it does go into effect, just watch how fast it changes but not before millions of ELD’s are sold. It appears to be fundraising and corporate favoritism from my perspective. Please leave your input, we appreciate hearing from you!

Matthew fallon

  • 1/10/2017 7:41:43 AM

I hope it goes into affect to prove a point. Fmcsa has no clue what goes on out here. Can u imagine njtp all trucks 65?? Convoy for miles n miles n miles. Different speed trucks keeps it all moving. It’s common sense. Elds are not safer. Its a joke.


  • 1/10/2017 11:47:13 AM

EDL log books will put us out of business, as of Sept. 2017 when the Insurance come do we will fold the company up, it is just getting ridiculous at all the rules that are being put in place, as a 38 year driver and one truck we should at this time in are life be told how to drive by a computer. I have seen a lot of changes and not all good, but enough is enough you don’t want good divers you just want driver that YOU CAN COTROL

Kevin Mossman

  • 1/12/2017 8:03:18 AM

Elds, speed limiters, and other new regs are killing the transportation industry. I have been in the trucking business for 7 years . I have been around trucking all my life. I have tried to speed limiters and Elds didn’t make anymore money in fact I gained weight due to so much sitting time. I have my own business and truck and I will close down when the regs come into affect

david bock

  • 1/12/2017 8:35:51 AM

It’s just another way for the big trucking company to put the little guy out of business.

Wally brown

  • 1/12/2017 1:55:39 PM

We have alot of power.shut them down for a week. See if we can get there attention. It would work I guarantee.

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