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Procurement Services provided by Stinson Logistics, LLC – Texas Global Services. Purchasing wholesale items on behalf of our client. Delivery is usually to their customer location and called a dropship or to themselves as they are beginning a project. The procurement service is free when the minimum has been met which is set for each project. We will calculate our costs and set the minimum in a contract with an open books policy. All costs and invoices will be available to you at all times online. Here are some things we consider while creating a procurement contract.

1. Ordering Process

2. Shipping Instructions

3. Proof of Purchase and Negotiated Price

4. Disputes – damaged goods, quantity discrepancies, transactions

5. Proof of Delivery and ReturnsĀ 

6. Full accounting, purchase status and shipment status online 24/7, secureĀ 

John Stinson has 27 years purchasing experience, procurement services, and knows how to work the wholesalers for several industries. Also, he’s not afraid to take on a new industry and still have the confidence to be competitive. No stranger to negotiating price and passing it along to the client. His counterpart, Diana Stinson with over 15 years in the freight industry, means we can get your materials to you or your customer’s location on time at a reasonable price.

Procurement | Stinson Logistics, LLC - Texas Global Services

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