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Project Cargo – Breakbulk Cargo

Project Cargo – Breakbulk, are terms referring to cargo shipped by air or sea, which does not fall within standard shipping methods. For example, over-height, or oversize cargo which requires special equipment and handling. The materials and equipment assembled and shipped for a special project overseas, such as a factory or highway.

Houston Ship Channel has been serving customers since 1914. Each terminal is uniquely designed to handle a wide range of cargo types and customer needs; from grain to steel to heavy lift project cargo or breakbulk cargo to wind turbines and blades. Houston is the national leader for breakbulk cargo due to the large laydown areas located adjacent to the general cargo and heavy lift docks.

If the cargo you need to move is heavy, bulky and difficult to handle, Texas Global Services can take care of the job. Here are some things to consider when moving Project Cargo. Thank you and request your free quote today. 

    1. What is Project Cargo?
     – Heavy Lifts
     – Large Format
     – Out of Gauge

    2. Ship Types & Ship Modes:
     – Cargo Must fit Ship and Ship Must Fit Cargo
     – Heavy-Lift
     – Semi-Submersible
     – Liner Versus Charter
     – Charter Parties

     3. Planning For A Project Movement:
     – Establishment Of Procedures
     – Selection And Organization Of A Project Staff
     – Record Keeping Considerations
     – Managing Paper Flow
     – Automation Options
     – Management Exception Reports
     – Critical Milestone Tracking
     – License Screening
     – Tonnage Flow
     – Insurance
     – Adherence To Contract
     – Quality Control Considerations
     – Communicating With The Job site

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